As banks look for ways to increase revenue and curtail costs, their customers aren’t making it easy for them. Today, the expectations of banking consumers are being colored by their personal experiences with retail or telecom. Accordingly, customers want banks to do more than merely make available traditional banking products. They want their banks to understand their needs better and provide support for all their needs. Additionally, new competition, such as FinTech firms, offer seamless integration of financial services into the lives of consumers. This is only the beginning, and as providers gain scale, banks will see impatient customers steadily adopting hassle-free methods of money management.

24X7 support is therefore, not only essential for today’s banking business, but it is the most crucial bit of last-mile coverage that a bank can deliver to its clients.

Finacle Premium Support

With Finacle Premium Support, we present a support solution that covers the end-to-end support needs of a bank. The solution helps banks improve customer delight through higher application availability coupled with preventive maintenance and faster turnaround time – for seamless business operations.

Through this solution, Infosys Finacle offers 2 flexible options:

How can Finacle Premium Support help banks?

The solution prevents outages, offers quick restorations, and therefore avoids disruptions. Finacle Support already has a wide implementation exposure across 94 countries in 73,000 branches with 848 million customers and 1.06 billion accounts!

Dedicated support analyst

Access to a dedicated analyst, armed with remote connectivity through real time chat plug in / WebEx / Live Meeting. With this you are assured of lesser iterations and faster turnaround time to critical incidents

Proactive service with Annual Wellness Check

This service helps validate key Finacle components such as, operating system,
database, application server, thereby increasing their availability and scalability
for future transactions and business needs of the bank

Preventive monitoring with Finacle Assure Lite

This monitoring service comes with predictive models that help with early warning of issues
through system and volume health checks. 24X7 availability of alerts and data provides for
quick diagnosis and analysis avoiding downstream business impact

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