The solution helps financial institutions to launch their
comprehensive API Banking offerings – easily and quickly.

Business API Suite

A vast catalog of BIAN-inspired
business APIs serving various
banking functions


A platform to compose and
orchestrate new APIs

Event Hub

Define & publish business events from
across various banking applications

API Management Solution

Tools to publish APIs, manage
access & meter the usage

Developer Portal

A portal to register and manage
clients, prospects, and developers

Consent Management

Enable customer consent-based
data sharing


Explore the APIs across various banking applications and use-cases


A unified platform to design, develop, and orchestrate API
interactions across multiple enterprise applications

  • Orchestration and transformation of the APIs
  • A GUI based API Flow Builder
  • API Workflow Manager
  • Masking of sensitive data during API Calls
  • Tokenizing the API calls
  • Managing API idempotency


Define, detect & publish events from across any of
the digital banking applications

  • Kafka based event streaming platform capable of handling millions of events a day
  • Continually monitor event stream from a wide and distributed set of enterprise applications
  • Decouple the event-creating systems from those that consume and act on it
  • Masking of sensitive data during API Calls
  • Transform and enrich the messages with additional data unavailable from host system


Pre-configured platform for full lifecycle API Management

  • Rapidly introduce new APIs and update existing APIs to
    expand scope
  • API gateway to facilitate exchange of API calls at scale
  • Handle the authorization and authentication of API calls
  • Monitor and meter the usage and consumption of APIs


A portal to register and manage clients, partners,
and developers

  • Developers can register and express their interest to
    join the API Banking ecosystem
  • Manage prospects, and onboard approved partners
  • Sandbox environment with industry standard protocols
    to try-out APIs
  • Self-service tools for FinTechs and developers to
    manage their account


Finacle API Connect gives you even more reasons for adoption

Seamless Integrations

Works seamlessly with Finacle and
non-Finacle suite of solutions

Adopt Flexibly

Components can be adopted
independently of each other – API
Hub, API Gateway, and Event Hub

Achieve Multiple Goals

Improve internal efficiencies,
collaborate better, and
co-innovate with partners at scale

Ready to adopt Finacle API connect,
or want to know more?

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