Focused and banking specific analytics

63% of global banks are looking for banking specific analytics from specialized vendors. Watch how Finacle Analytics Solution adds value to your business and helps make it ‘insights driven’

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Finacle Analytics Solution

Key features

Finacle provides banking specific analytics solutions that integrates banking data models and new-age open source technologies to rapidly develop and deliver actionable insights

Banking Focused Analytics
Finacle has proven expertise in providing exclusive analytical solutions for the banking industry
Analyze Data from Any Source
Capability to analyze both unstructured and structured data
Secure Platform
Enhanced access control and security layer
Faster Insights
Real time analytics capability with in-memory processing and instant data visualization
Ease of Use
Self-service options and rich visualizations enable users to derive business insights with ease
Open Source Solution
Based on open-source technologies, can be implemented on non-proprietary hardware

Key benefits

  • Personalized products with behavioral analytics

  • Predictive data modelling

  • Real-time analytics for faster decision-making

  • Instant data visualization

  • Enterprise level analytics

  • Lesser costs with non-proprietary hardware

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