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Get ready for digital ecosystems

The traditional model, where every corporate bank manufactures and distributes its own products and services, through channels that it owns, is quickly breaking down. Progressive corporate banks realize that the future is all about building a platform business by tapping new and diverse partner networks within a larger ecosystem. The bank’s role will shift from that of monolithic pipeline to aggregator and marketplace operator for financial and non-financial offerings.

Finacle’s Approach

  • Delivers open APIs for ease of collaboration with partners, FinTech companies, corporate clients, and the extended developer ecosystem.
  • Finacle AppCenter brings an ecosystem of large partners and Fintech startups to complement the Finacle solution suite, and provides a marketplace for accelerating corporate banking innovation.
  • Blockchain based networks to digitize crossborder payments and trade finance processes.

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RBL Bank case study

API based trade finance innovation at one of India’s fastest growing banks

Corporate clients of RBL Bank using trade finance services make a number of enquiries. Earlier, the process of answering a query involved multiple steps and required manual intervention. To make the process seamless and independent of staff, the bank has implemented an API based trade finance innovation, enabling corporate clients make enquiries directly from their respective ERP solutions/applications and receiving responses from the trade finance and core banking system directly. The highly secure, open APIs have automated the manual process, ensuring shorter turn around, risk minimization, and deeper integrations with corporate workflows.

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