Northwestern Mutual is a major US-based insurance firm specializes in offering investment products and advisory services. The company supports about 3 million life insurance policy owners with more than 4.8 million policies.


The agents were working on 25+ insurance applications to address customer queries, which was time-consuming and repetitive as the search was performed in multiple systems. They were also required to put the call on hold to retrieve the required information. Customer notes were also captured on a paper log and not shared with other agents. Northwestern Mutual was looking to increase the productivity of agents and achieve customer satisfaction.


AssistEdge Engage was implemented in insurance operations contact centers and was customized to integrate with various application categories such as windows, web & mainframes. Automation was carried out on AssistEdge, where data was pulled from different insurance applications and shared in a unified view. Electronic Call Notes data was used to pass information between agents and for analytical and reporting purposes. Currently, being used by 600 users in the customer service center, the proposed rollout to 2,000 users.


Increase in call handling time by 12 seconds

15% increase in productivity

Engagement level feedback score of 7/7 achieved

Conversion of “Bad handling time” to “Good handling time” through integrated desktop

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