Aetna Inc. (Aetna) is a US-based health insurance company, which offers health insurance plans and services, including medical, pharmaceutical and dental plans, Medicare plans, Medicaid services, Behavioral health programs, and Medical management.


The member sends a form authorizing Aetna to share his/her information with a third-party (person/organization). The analyst reviews the form and updates systems with the third-party authorization for member policy. The analyst then sends a letter to the member indicating the third-party authorization is updated for all the policies he/she holds.

A manual process, each update takes approximately 12-15 mins.


With AssistEdge RPA software, Aetna incorporated the logic of pre-defined conditions in RPA bots to process every third-party authorization request. The bots run throughout all days, including weekends, with very little downtime.


Delivered 50% reduction in AHT (from 15 mins to 7 mins)

Enabled effort saving equivalent to 5 FTEs

Can deliver a potential savings of $500K savings over the next five years

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