Spark is a public limited global telco and the largest operator in New Zealand. The organization had a complex IT system landscape due to organic evolution and M&A activities over a period of time.


The organization’s application ecosystem had multiple technology stacks due to acquisitions over a period of time, which was resulting in several operational challenges for their contact centers.

This operational complexity was limiting Spark’s ability to understand “whole of customer view” and cross-sell and up-sell products.


Leveraging the Engage module of AssistEdge product, the organization seamlessly integrated multiple applications across technology stacks to provide a single customer view with comprehensive information.

The viability of the solution was initially established with a POC and the team then deployed the solution within 3 months, resulting in quick ROI, delighting the stakeholders.


Improvement in touchpoints NPS from -27% to +54%

Reduction in rejected orders – from 13.6% to 0.3%

Reduction in AHT for customer relocation – 56%

Revenue uplift – $200/agent/day

Sales to fulfillment conversion – +12%

30% reductions in repeat call rate

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