The client is the oldest communications company and a leader in communication services. Headquartered in London, the multinational organization operates in nearly 180 countries across five continents, providing fixed-line, broadband, mobile, pay-TV, and enterprise IT services.

The organization sees exceptional customer experience as the key to its transformation to a modern network provider and was looking to increase efficiency in a bid to scale its business operations.


The task of creating orders in the systems was a tedious task; there were four tools/systems involved in the order entry process. Since there were multiple systems to validate the data, it resulted in high handling time for the orders. It also required to process the order through various KCI stages. Furthermore, manual tasks such as MNSD handling and AMX closure were consuming more user bandwidth. Also, redundant steps validated the data due to the error-prone manual copy-paste exercise.


  • Automating single sign-on avoided effort from the operations team for keeping the sessions alive

  • Provided context-sensitive information about the order to the agent using C-View, thus saving the time an agent spends to look for relevant information in multiple applications

  • Automated information update of order on strategic systems, abstracting all the mechanical steps yet keeping the agent involved in all the critical steps with their inputs

  • Automated creation notes as per order stage and parameters


Process standardization enabled multiskilling

Average Handling Time reduced from 20% to 50%

Operational analytical insights enabled further process optimization

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