The client is the oldest communications company and a leader in communication services. Headquartered in London, the multinational organization operates in nearly 180 countries across five continents, providing fixed-line, broadband, mobile, pay-TV, and enterprise IT services.

The organization sees exceptional customer experience as the key to its transformation to a modern network provider and was looking to increase efficiency in a bid to scale its business operations.


The agents were using 40+ systems, i.e., an average of 15 applications to resolve a customer query. This swivel chair phenomenon resulted in high handling time, leading to poor customer experience. Another challenge was the high agent training cost due to non-standard and complex processes.


  • Proof of Concept visualized and implemented within 3 weeks

  • Deployed to first 1100+ users within 7 months

  • Currently over 2,200+ users across 20+ global work centers

  • Integrated L2C/T2R journeys across various products


Reduction in Average Handling Time by 15-20%

Enabled analytical insights through enhanced reporting to reduce service intensity

Process standardization led to an increased ability to multiskilling agents

Quick deployment (10-12 weeks) ensured faster benefit realization

Improved service quality and customer service experience

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