Aetna Inc. (Aetna) is a US-based health insurance company, which offers health insurance plans and services, including medical, pharmaceutical and dental plans, Medicare plans, Medicaid services, Behavioral health programs, and Medical management.


Back door update queries for incident management need to be monitored round the clock & routed to the DBA team for execution based on criticality.​

Results need to be shared back with Encounters Business team, and the work order needs to be closed on Remedy. 80-120 such requests had to be processed manually in a week, leading to backlogs and SLA issues.​


The monitoring and execution of tasks were automated based on business rules​. Bots monitored requests 24 X 7, executed back door update queries in a sequence of criticality & notified Encounters Business team members in real-time​.


Reduced TAT from 5 days to 1 day

Bots processed all weekly requests and met required SLAs

Delivered high levels of accuracy by eliminating human intervention

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