XPO Logistics is a global multinational transportation and contract logistics company that manages supply chains for a large customer base.


Manual download and verification of signatures in the invoices for various suppliers is a time-consuming task. As it’s a frequently performed repetitive process, it takes up a lot of time to download the invoices and do the checks. The team at XPO France took approx. 9 to 15 mins per invoice.


AssistEdge virtual robots were deployed to automate the manual invoice download and verification process. RPA bots searched for the invoices for the customer number during a defined time period. The bots then downloaded bulk invoices belonging to that supplier and proceeded with more efficient and effective checking of the electronic signatures, thus freeing employees time considerably to focus on more important tasks.


100% accuracy achieved

Zero human involvement, 24X7 operation

3-5x increase in productivity

Approx. 70% reduction in invoice verification time

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