A holistic and comprehensive future workforce management offering.

With AssistEdge Orchestrate, you can:

Business Process Orchestration

Effortlessly automate end-to-end of business processes through our pre-built process skills and save time, effort and resources.

Human – Digital Worked Collaboration

AssistEdge Orchestrate provides a mechanism to manage handovers between digital workers (across vendors) and human workers along with a dashboard to capture and highlight performance of this hybrid workforce enabling human digital collaboration.

Multi-vendor Bots

AssistEdge Orchestrate offers a unified view to program, manage and monitor all bots across various vendors. Also get vendor-wise digital worker activity status required to plan execution of tasks.

Underlying Tech & App Layer Management

AssistEdge Orchestrate offers a live, consolidated view of technology dependencies of automated business process such as applications, software, browsers, Intelligent Services, and Automation Vendors.

Multi-vendor & Multi-Bot Ecosystem

It envisions to create an ecosystem to operate and manage multi-vendor, multi-bot ecosystem seamlessly in the future.