At EdgeVerve, we are committed to providing tailor-made comprehensive automation security solutions with ‘AssistEdge for Security.’ Our security automation solution is designed to accelerate organizational security, delivering value across customer assets.

Delivering an enterprise-grade product assuring security of customer assets covering hardware, software, and data.

Our 4 pillars of holistic & comprehensive approach to security


Product adheres to best-in-breed application design principles


Innovative & contextual IP features for operations security


Infrastructure security is critical and is well covered via standard features


Strong and secure software development methodology covering guidelines

Application Security

Holistic coverage across all users & personas

Comprehensive and all-inclusive authentication & authorization support across all user profiles and personas.

Managing credentials & encryption keys

Secured access to highly sensitive information is now possible!

Contextual and deep functional solutions ensuring complete protection and control of sensitive information in the hands of the customer.

Automation credential

Encryption key

Operations Security

Automation machine control & detailed audits

Business gets complete control of automation assets, and also each platform actions are logged and traceable, complying with the strictest audit norms.

Controlling bot machine

Focus on compliance and privacy controls

Ensures compliance to standards like GDPR by providing privacy control-related capabilities out-of-the-box.

Privacy controls

Infrastructure Security

Enforcing best practices and principles

Allows organizations to deploy the platform in-line with industry best practices and configure based on SOE.

Supports all deployment models

For e.g. Encryption till last mile & SSL termination @ proxy

Strict enforcement of TLS1.2

Strict enforcement of TLS1.2 on each component

Hardened OSS components

Components bundled and shipped with the product

Defined ports and protocols (WAF)

Defined set of ports and protocols for intra-server communications

Layered architecture

Segregate standard web, app, and database layers

Recommended by AssistEdge

Detailed and comprehensive secure deployment guidelines allowing risk-free deployment of the platform at scale.

Secure with compensating controls

Infrastructure should be secured with compensating controls like Web Application Firewalls

Use commercial SSL certificates

Commercial SSL certificate which supports no less than 128-bit encryption should be used

Adopt key rotation policy

Key rotation policy should be adopted to refresh encryption keys

Controlled & audited access

Controlled & audited access to infrastructure running product components

Regular audits and scans

Regular audits and scans of provisioned infrastructure and components

Security in Development: Release gates and secure SDLC

Our products go through watertight assessment as part of our Secure Development Approach. Every product release goes through an independent stringent six-pronged security assessment: