The client is the oldest communications company and a leader in communication services. Headquartered in London, the multinational organization operates in nearly 180 countries across five continents, providing fixed-line, broadband, mobile, pay-TV, and enterprise IT services.

The organization sees exceptional customer experience as the key to its transformation to a modern network provider and was looking to increase efficiency in a bid to scale its business operations.


The process required a high manual effort to track the Planned Engineering Works (PEW) and notify the impacted customers, from multiple communication templates and multilingual customer base to scattered operations team. Due to multiple data sources for validation (6 tools/systems involved in the data validation for inventory), it led to ‘Swivel Chair’ task for creating tickets. This was an effort-intensive activity to close the proactive tickets. Besides another challenge was the manual rekeying of data for creating/resolving fault ticket in the systems.


  • Automated single sign-on to multiple applications

  • One-click inventory validation helped in data validation from multiple inventory stores

  • Automated customer communication — the creation of customer communication emails in 70+ templates across multiple languages

  • Automated ticket creation and closure for PEW tracking

  • One-click sub-ticket creation process helped cover multiple sub-ticketing systems

  • One view for progress updates on tickets enabled quick customer interaction and follow-ups


Reduction in Average Handling Time for PEW from 40 to 50%

Reduction in Ticket Resolution Handling Time by 10-15%

Ticket suppression through proactive notification/data feed

Standardized PEW email communication

Improvement in customer service experience

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