The client is the oldest communications company and a leader in communication services. Headquartered in London, the multinational organization operates in nearly 180 countries across five continents, providing fixed-line, broadband, mobile, pay-TV, and enterprise IT services.

The organization sees exceptional customer experience as the key to its transformation to a modern network provider and was looking to increase efficiency in a bid to scale its business operations.


The challenge – complex and high number of steps involved in processing an order and accessing multiple systems. This was and effort-intensive activity required to complete an order. It also required manual rekeying of data for creating standard email templates and copy-pasting information across different systems.


  • Automated single sign-on to multiple applications on a single click

  • One-click email generation with standard templates

  • Provided the summary view with all the information across multiple systems on one screen helped process easily

  • IP address and other data validation across different systems was possible which provided results on the summary screen

  • Displayed step-by-step workflow on the summary screen to notify the number of steps performed and steps to be performed


Reduction in Average Handling Time for IP Master tasks (Flag 16 and Flag 64) by 75%

AStandardized and simplified complex processing

Improvement in customer service experience by improving the handling time

Annual savings of 420K GBP acknowledged by the customer

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