Achieving operational scalability is no doubt a challenge and one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving automation success. Today, enterprises realize the importance of agility, scaling of bots as and when required, and driving digital transformation enterprise-wide.

If there’s a magic bullet or a roadmap for successfully scaling RPA, it’s AssistEdge, a leading enterprise-grade automation platform that comes with a host of features, from providing cognitive services on tap to enabling enterprises to move between attended and unattended automation easily. AssistEdge helps enterprises handle the increased load, maintain the health of the bots, and meet critical SLAs.

How does AssistEdge Enable Customers to Successfully Scale & Navigate in Their Automation Journey?

49,000 Attended Bots
Currently active with Global Telecommunications giant

500+ Unattended Bots
Currently active with a leading European health-tech enterprise

250+ Processes Automated
Currently active with a leading Financial Services Giant in Asia

130+ Countries
Booking process automated with real-time checks for Shipping Giant

30M+ Transactions
Processed every month for a leading Financial Institution in Americas

250+ Backend Applications Integrated for a large enterprise customer in US

Complex Process: 623 steps Automated a booking process that interfaces in real-time with 7 systems

750,000 annual hours Saved for large enterprise based on outcome-based engagement

AssistEdge — An Enterprise-Grade Cohesive Automation Platform

It’s imperative that enterprises scale operations rapidly and achieve end-to-end automation. Enterprises are thus looking for a cohesive automation platform that offers all the capabilities under a single roof. AssistEdge, a leading automation platform with advanced AI capabilities offers a comprehensive suite of products and caters to the dynamic market needs.

The AssistEdge platform helps enterprises in myriad ways, from discovering the right processes that have the potential to be automated to enabling the smooth handover and collaboration between bots and human workers.