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A geographically dispersed, 200+ members strong, Product Support Team at Finacle manages ~2000 tickets per month from its huge customer base, manually. This time-consuming and cumbersome process did not allow for leveraging the know-how from similar issues and resolutions that were conceived for different customers.


Download the case study to see how Finacle’s Product Support Team integrated Nia AIOps to augment its ticket management system with AI capabilities. Nia AIOps leveraged Machine Learning, NLP, and AI to analyze the tickets, detect patterns, and classify the tickets.

The Benefits:

Improved effectiveness and efficiency of ticket handling. Improved turnaround time by >30%

Increased SLA compliance, 100% auditability and reporting

Machine Learning, NLP, and AI-based ticket classification and enrichment

Continuous improvement in accuracy and relevance of resolutions over time

Optimized SME bandwidth utilization

Operationalization of Organizational Knowledge

As Mentioned by Finacle

“The Finacle product Support Team (L3 Support) deals with a high volume of incoming tickets from our large customer base, that need quick and accurate resolutions for meeting the service expectations of customers. With Nia AIOps providing intelligence on similar resolutions from the past in real-time, we were able to utilize the wealth of information within our database and improve turnaround time for our customers by >30%, in some cases.”

Sudhir B, VP – Delivery Head, Finacle

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