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Whatfix is a Performance Support Platform that helps businesses accelerate their Product Adoption, ease their User Onboarding, streamline their Employee training and simply their Customer Support.

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Accelerate Product Adoption With Whatfix

Simplify your end users web experience on your platform with smart real-time interactive walkthroughs. Whatfix enables you to accelerate your Product Adoption, with its 24/7 self-serving interactive guidance that will ease your user onboarding, improve your employee training and cut short your support costs.


Effective User Onboarding

Feature 1 Description Accelerated and effective user onboarding with real-time in-app guidance.

Smarter Employee Training

Live training within the application enabling active learning and on-the-job training.

Reduce Support Overhead

Just-in-time contextual help and guidance to reduce support requests and overhead costs.


Whatfix works on the mantra of Design, Engage, and Analyze; a simple three-step process that, when applied, attracts, engages and retains the visitors on any business platform.

Boosts product adoption empowering businesses to get the maximum ROI out of any product.

Auto-generate multi-format content - Video, Slideshow, PDF

Quickens time-to-value for individual software applications.

Optimizes end user training by enabling learning while doing.

Reduces overhead on product support teams enabling self-service support.

Improves users’ performance and productivity on individual web applications.