Ramco Analytics Suite

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Data Analytics

Don’t over spend time, effort and resources on collating and validating data or computing metrics to gather insights. Action ready-made insights instead. Spanning the disciplines of performance management, business intelligence and collaboration management, Ramco’s Analytics Suite Ramco DecisionWorks™ is a comprehensive, smart and user-friendly tool for corporate performance management.

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Comprehensive BI platform

Enterprise Data Model

Analytics Features


Ramco Advanced Visualization

Empower businesses with insights into their organizations to help employees work faster and smarter, with Ramco’s next generation visual analytics platform.

Well defined KPIs, Scorecards and Analytics Reports

Be on top of your metrics with this multi-dimensional reporting solution based on Analysis Cubes, an intuitive scorecard with KPIs to monitor the health of the organization, and a report writer tool for those simple pixel perfect reports.

Planning and Budgeting

Plan meticulously with this feature-rich solution whose planning and budgeting layer consists of a comprehensive template for all of an organization’s planning needs.


A comprehensive BI Solution

Stay informed with a user-friendly self-service advanced visualization tool

Capture the parameters you wish with unique slice and dice features in your analytical reports

Drill through reports for granular data

Monitor the health of your business effectively with end user analytics and KPIs

Extract pixel perfect enterprise reports

Plan and budget effectively with well-defined template