GIEOM Validator

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GIEOM Validator is a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence powered document verification engine that extracts, assesses and classifies all the mandatory fields in customer hand filled application forms scans. It also auto classifies all the supporting KYC documents provided along with the application form.

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Template Setup

Form Templates for different processes in the product lifecycle can be setup with rules for processing different data types. Eg: text, tick, signature , photo fields etc.

Image Processing & Classification

Form scans are uploaded, converted to standard format , split into pages, de skewed, page sequence verified , fields cropped , compared to template . analyzed based on ink colour, handwriting, pixel density and classified as filled or not filled.

KYC Document Classification

Different document types can be identified and tagged. Eg: Drivers License, Voter ID, Passport etc


Higher customer acquisition translating to higher revenues

Discourage fraudulent account creations and reduce losses

Speed of verification significantly improves the turnaround time to process new application form resulting in superior customer service TATs , lower back office staff requirement, lower outsourcing cost.

Deliver higher accuracy in compliance in the processing of customer on-boarding & KYC Verification

Organizations can move head count of staff involved in document verification to more value-added tasks

API based document & KYC verification which integrates with core systems and enables straight through processing of many processes which results in minimum human intervention