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A global manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and food products, Mars, Incorporated, prides itself on being family-owned for over 100 years with bold ambitions to invest in the long-term future of their business. With a significant investment going into strengthening your distribution network and supply chain, we believe we can help you take a step closer to the world you want tomorrow.

EdgeVerve Systems is already helping Mars with product traceability to manage Hold and Release Process quickly by leveraging TradeEdge Market Connect, and we can continue to help you work towards a better future with the power of AI and Automation. We can help you meet your bold ambitions by leveraging the capabilities of AI and Automation, thereby bringing transformation across your globally spread complex distributor and retailer network.

Based on our research and expertise, we have identified a few AI and Automation game-changers to help transform your business with speed and agility:

We have everything you need to help you navigate the future with our AI platform, AI-enabled business applications, and our leading Automation platform, AssistEdge.

The Art of Possible

  • Connect, collaborate, and grow your business with AI
  • Master your data and grow your brand with AI
  • Amplify procurement transformation possibilities with AI
  • Get better visibility and searchability across contracts with AI
Connect, collaborate, and grow your business with AI

Connect, collaborate, and grow Mars’ business with AI

Mars, Incorporated is a global enterprise that works in multiple markets with multiple suppliers, customers, logistical partners, and financial institutions in a hierarchal value chain. These value chains can be disconnected, creating operational silos and added costs, which can create a decision-making lag, as well as prevent best value to the end customer.

Key challenges across the enterprise value chain include:

  • Complex and hierarchal value chains

  • Online growth fragmentation of demand

  • Information silos, increased cost and latency

  • Partners reach is limited to one up/one down

  • Rigid supply chains with increased risk of disruption

Creating a digital-twin of your existing networks of manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, customers and financial institutions is critical to compete in the global economy.

Enabled by TradeEdge Network

TradeEdge Network is a multi-enterprise over-the-top platform that seamlessly unifies all of Mars’ partner connections for enhanced visibility, product and service resilience, and information needs. It connects with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning system to:

  • Connect enterprises beyond your direct suppliers and customers

  • Provides visibility to network-wide demand and supply

  • Facilitates optimal sourcing, placement, and routing

  • Melds physical supply chain with financial

  • Disintermediates to drive direct brand promotions

  • Ensure Supply Resilience through Intelligent Order Routing – Leverage visibility to inventories across an extended network of partners and maximize demand fulfilment to increase customer satisfaction through optimal order splitting and routing.

  • Drive Non-linear growth through Order Syndication – Selective publication of product catalog by manufacturers, brand owners and/or suppliers based on customer and geographical attributes. Enable ordering efficiency for buyers with multi-brand orders.

  • Track Multi-echelon Suppliers – Reduce supplier risk through early visibility and action to supplier and supplier’s supplier based on finished goods bill of materials and open orders.

  • Optimize Network – Leverage this tool as a strategic or tactical solution through simulation of demand, inventory, transportation, and environmental parameters.

  • Create Optimal Routes – Drive efficiencies in order-taking, deliveries and collections using store locations, order patterns, and outstanding invoices.

Benefits Accrued

Transaction value

130+ countries
Global reach

public/private networks

Master your data and grow your brand with AI

Grow the Mars Brand with Trade Promotion Effectiveness and Optimization

Building a resilient supply chain with data fuels future growth, creates new customer experiences, and helps define business goals. A cognitive, connected supply chain helps companies like Mars transform into a data-driven organization.

Today, the variability in marketing channels has increased, and the marketing mix of global manufacturers like Mars is rapidly evolving with spend on digital marketing increasing while offline media marketing spend drops considerably. The customer’s journey with the product happens frequently online, and BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In-Store) is the new norm for customer purchases. In this context, older promotion tactics used may not even remain relevant and the digital discovery angle should be considered.

Global organizations spend up to 20% of their revenue for Trade promotions. As per research, 59% of promotions do not even break even. Given this, companies are always on the lookout for ways and means to measure the trade promotion effectiveness and optimize the spend on trade promotions.

However, they can struggle to do effective promotion effectiveness analysis due to:

  • Reliance on excel based solutions for TPx, which is clearly inefficient to handle the complexities of data variations and volumes

  • Lack of advance and automated post-event analysis capability

  • Lack of predictive modeling capabilities for trade promotion optimization

Promotion effectiveness analysis cannot be done in siloes anymore with the increase in complexity of the omnichannel marketing mix and digital trade promotion coming into play too.

Enabled by TradeEdge

TradeEdge platform helps lay the foundation for connectedness and the power of cognition to help enterprises like Mars strengthen their supply chains.

  • TradeEdge Market Connect collects, cleanses, and ingests data from multiple sources in different formats with its pre-built adapters and stores it into the Market Connect data platform.

  • TradeEdge Distributor Management System efficiently manages products, prices, promotions, and retailers through a unified, easy-to-use interface.

  • TradeEdge Data Harmonization module helps establish homogeneity and data normalization across disparate data sources using NLP and AI/Machine Learning, making clean data for improved analytics and visualization.

  • Trade Promotion Effectiveness provides a framework for data-based decision making and causal modeling to identify influencing parameters and interactions impacting promotions. It delivers highly accurate predictive capabilities & recommends the most optimal promotions to run under user-defined constraints.

Benefits Accrued

Institutionalized post-event analysis & tracking of trade promotions with tooling capabilities for the same

Framework for data-based decision making on promotion selection

Multi-source data acquisition & harmonization/ normalization platform

Item/customer/store level predictive modeling capabilities

Scenario modeling with user constraints

Incentive aligned to profitability

Implemented by a CPG major

Empowered and enabled the Category Managers to perform what-if causal analysis

Interacted with a simple UI, playing with numbers to plan their pricing, market and media spends

Enabled quicker business decsisions

Amplify procurement transformation possibilities with AI

Amplify procurement transformation at Mars with AI

With an increasingly complex ecosystem of technology, suppliers, and market information, Procurements Leaders within large global manufacturers have to tackle certain challenges to meet the rising expectations. Procurement is increasingly expected to evolve from a support function to a key strategy enabler. Critical tasks include optimizing cost, bringing in innovation, and moderating risks and costs, all the while keeping high supplier performance in mind.

91% of CPOs agree that procurement needs to be more agile to respond to market changes and 78% Procurement Leaders say that cost reduction is their top priority. From this perspective, large organizations like Mars are looking to make procurement visible, meaningful, and simple by addressing key challenges in a way to make spend management both insights-driven and autonomous. Key challenges include:

  • Data spread across multiple ERP systems

  • Missing connections between internal and external insights

  • Limited Spend Visibility, supply risk and spend leakages

  • Lack of insights on performance issues

  • Critical obligations in supplier contracts that lack proactive monitoring

  • High Contract leakage and non-compliant spend

  • Limited ability to influence buying patterns

  • Lack of awareness on opportunities that exist

  • Business decisions delayed or not the most optimal

  • Different views across various stakeholders

Enabled by ProcureEdge

ProcureEdge is an enterprise-grade, AI-powered product designed to augment the performance of various stakeholders in procurement teams. It sits on top of existing systems of record, eliminating the need for any rip-and-replace, and generates value for procurement leaders in a way to make spend management both insights-driven and autonomous.

ProcureEdge provides:

  • Procurement Intelligence across spend, market, category, contract, risk and supplier data that is used to help users take data-based decisions

  • Contracts Analysis to digitize all contracts, and making the information usable for downstream integration and contract compliance

  • Data based Buying Channel Design & web interface to automatically identify and guide users to the right buying channel and preferred supplier for every category

  • Tools for automated procurement data classification and process diagnostics that, can be used to create a transformational roadmap and reduce manual intervention.

Benefits Accrued

Potential Savings with ready to Consume Analysis and Present Savings opportunities

Opportunities identified for supplier rationalization, spend optimization, payment terms, price optimization, and contract renegotiation

Gradual reduction in Leakages with periodic monitoring of internal and external risks

Access to Real-time and proactive market insights

Significantly improves Spend Visibility and compliance, thereby, improving Procurement health

Reduce Contract Leakages (Reactive and Proactive)

Increase compliance to contract obligations

Data and Insights-driven Negotiations

Implemented by a large telecom company

impact in Vendor normalization

Spend Visibility at L1, L2 and 85% at L4

improvement in process time

accuracy of ML in training data

Savings Opportunities Identified on an addressable spend of $6B

Get better visibility and searchability across contracts with AI

Enhance contract visibility and searchability at Mars with AI

Food industries, including pet food and the pet health industry in which Mars operates, are highly-regulated, where legal and regulatory frameworks keep evolving. Failure to maintain effective control processes could lead to violations, unintentional or otherwise, of laws and regulations. Legal claims or regulatory enforcement actions arising out of failure or alleged failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations could be very damaging for the organization.

Large organizations like Mars work with multiple suppliers, partners, distributors, retailers, customers, and the labor force for different services and create contracts with them. Contract negotiation, tracking, and review is a key activity involving a big team of lawyers, process SMEs and is a manually intensive process. The contracts are often present in hardcopies and at times as unscanned documents. The contracts govern how business is conducted and are governed by the law of the land. Not understanding legal obligations could lead to legal issues and, in turn, to incurring of unnecessary expenses.

Managing contracts with all your suppliers & partners is a human-intensive process and involves high costs incurred as fees of legal experts and legal process SMEs. The process is also slow and time-consuming.

Automating the contract analysis and review process can help gain better visibility and searchability across contracts to identify the right clauses to watch out for and keep a track on expiring contracts, or any policies being violated by any of the involved parties in the ecosystem.

Enabled by Nia Contracts Analysis

Nia Contracts Analysis ingests pertinent information from all contract agreements and captures relevant information from all contracts and other related documents such as contract clauses, policies, expiry, etc. Knowledge models are created to capture contract rules, exceptions, and resolutions. The knowledge model learns and evolves with operational knowledge and contract exceptions. It has the capability to extract information from tabular data spanning across pages and handling capabilities like nested tables and merged cells, making the handling of complex contract document extraction and reviews easy.

Benefits Accrued

Improved Productivity

Reduced Contract negotiation cycle

Prevents revenue leakage

Ensures contractual compliance

Implemented by a global CPG client

Led to increase in productivity

savings per contract

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