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As a leading global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resource consulting and outsourcing. Aon PLC delivers distinctive client value via innovative and effective risk management and workforce productivity solutions. Aon is driven to empower economic and human possibility for clients, colleagues and communities around the world.

EdgeVerve Systems can help Aon work towards empowering clients and colleagues with the help of best in class technology. We can help you meet your ambitions by leveraging the capabilities of AI and Automation, thereby bringing transformation across your globally spread services and operations.

Based on our research and expertise, we have identified a few AI and Automation game-changers to help transform your business with speed and agility:

  • Enhance contract visibility and searchability with AI

  • Create intelligent document processes with AI

  • Reduce process discovery time with AI and RPA

  • Reduce dependency on human resources with RPA for Testing

We have everything you need to help you navigate the future with our AI platform, AI-enabled business applications, and our leading Automation platform, AssistEdge.

The Art of Possible

  • Enhance contract visibility and searchability with AI
  • Create intelligent document processes with AI
  • Reduce process discovery time with AI and RPA
  • Reduce dependency on human resources with RPA for Testing
Enhance contract visibility and searchability with AI

Enhance contract visibility and searchability at Aon with AI

Insurance brokers like Aon get into contracts with multiple insurance companies (insurers/underwriters) as well as business entities (seeking underwriting services), and the number of these contracts can run into thousands every year. After Aon’s acquisition of Willis Tower Watson there will be a need to process thousands of WTWs existing contracts and digitize them along with Aon’s own contracts.

Contract negotiation, tracking and review to ensure contract compliance are key activities involving a sizable team of lawyers, process SME’s and is a manually intensive process. These contracts govern how business is conducted and are governed by the law of the land. Not understanding legal obligations could lead to legal issues and incurring unnecessary expenses. And a failure to maintain effective control processes over contracts could lead to violations, unintentional or otherwise, of laws and regulations. Legal claims or regulatory enforcement actions arising out of failure or alleged failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations could be very damaging to the organizational reputation.

Managing & analyzing multiple contracts with different stakeholders is a human intensive process and involves high costs incurred as fees of legal experts and legal process SME’s, the process is also slow and time consuming. The need is to automate the contract analysis and review process to get better visibility and searchability across contracts to identify the right clauses to watch out for, to keep a track of expiring contracts, or to identify any policies being violated by any of the involved parties in the network.

Enabled by Nia Contracts Analysis and Nia Chatbot

Nia Contracts Analysis ingests pertinent information from all contract agreements and captures relevant information from all contracts and other related documents such as contract clauses, policies and expiry. Knowledge models are created to capture contract rules, exceptions and resolutions. The knowledge model learns and evolves with operational knowledge and contract exceptions and has the capability to extract information from tabular data spanning across pages and handling capabilities like nested tables and merged cells. It provides the ability to handle complex contract document extraction and reviews.

A responsive Nia Chatbot interface with natural language can be provided to handle queries from users related to the contracts.

Benefits Accrued

  • Digitization of contracts and automation of contract extraction

  • Saving high legal fees for contract reviews 

  • Reduction in turnaround time

  • Improved compliance with contractual obligations

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment module to identify your risk exposure through various Contractual terms and clauses

Success Stories

Implemented by one of the World’s largest Telecom Companies

  • 60% productivity increase for staff

  • 600k contracts processed in two weeks

Implemented by a major American Bank

Processing the historic load of 24K+ global procurement contracts with Risk Scoring for all contracts, suppliers and document types.

  • 90% Reduction in research effort & Time

  • 10X increase in productivity

  • 60% Contract Cycle time reduction



Nia Contracts Analysis | NIA CAN


Mitigating Risks and Driving Revenues with effective Contracts Analysis

Create intelligent document processes with AI

Create intelligent document processes at Aon with AI

Aon assists clients to compile relevant documentation to support the claim process and there is an increasing demand from healthcare clients to manage and adjudicate non-medical claims against agreed scheme rules. For simple claims, the claim amount, claim type and provider needs to be validated against the receipt image either printed or handwritten to confirm the match. This requires manual intervention to extract and validate data. Manual interventions pose usual challenges like adding delays in the claim processing, manual errors and additional auditing needs.

Apart from assistance in claim processing, there is a need to automate the following processes to improve the productivity and performance metrics:

  • Digitizing policy documents issued by Aon (known as Binder) which has Contract document, Addendum, Enclosures etc. and extracting the relevant information

  • Digitizing the data of clients’ pension and retiree welfare plan participants in order to extract relevant information and matching this data with previous year’s records to accurately calculate plan liabilities

  • Creating and digitizing Certificate of Insurance and extracting relevant information from the same

Enabled by Nia DocAI and AssistEdge RPA

Nia DocAI helps with data extraction from a wide variety of document formats, automated classification of different documents, section identification and extraction of required fields ensuring accuracy. It provides a learning & review workbench for display of extracted data and human review for continued learning. Its access control provides a persona and workgroup based document display on the workbench.
NIA DocAI makes the extracted data available to the downstream application in json message format.

AssistEdge RPA’s software robots act as a downstream to DocAI  and consumes  the data for further processing. Its rich set of technology adapters and strong automation capabilities help not only in reading the document data received in the json but also in doing an end to end automation of repetitive tasks. It has capability to validate and massage the data, applying business rules, login to applications with specific roles, feeding data into ERP and multiple other systems and performing further tasks in the business process.

This helps in significantly improving the process efficiency with automation and making them as touchless as possible.

Benefits Accrued

  • Suite of AI capabilities (OCR, Vision, NLP to name a few) to digitize documents of varying types and complexities

  • Data extraction with up to 80-90 % accuracy

  • Average handling time of extraction (AHT) reduced by 50%

Success Stories

Implemented by an American Insurance major

Processing the historic load of 24K+ global procurement contracts with Risk Scoring for all contracts, suppliers and document types.

  • More than 90% accuracy.

Implemented by a large US Bank

Expedited loan processing by digitizing 100K+ documents across a vast loan application database of 25K+ folders in 12 days



Nia DocAI – A Document Extraction, Processing & Comprehension Platform


Build Resilient Processes with Nia DocAI

Reduce process discovery time with AI and RPA

Reduce process discovery time at Aon with AI and RPA

Process discovery is a manual activity which takes up precious SME time and effort and can also introduce human bias. 
Process automation is one of the key levers for reducing the cost of operations and making them efficient. After starting the automation drive, building process pipeline for automation is key to scale the automation initiative. Most of the time, there is no clarity on the sequence in which processes should be picked for automation. Picking up a process for automation, without taking into consideration the variations, might lead to building automations which are not robust. Knowledge of the exact process is required as the documented SOP’s may not be up to date. Processes executed by the operations team on ground may not be the exact documented process and the variation scenarios in the process may not be captured.

The need is to have an automated and scalable way of discovering the processes with its variations, along with having a prioritized process pipeline which can then be picked for automation.​

Enabled by AssistEdge Discover​

AssistEdge Discover client is deployed on the desktops of operations agents of different processes. ​It captures the user interactions with systems, the click streams and keystrokes. The data from different agents performing the same processes are combined and run through AI algorithms, which capture the exact process executed.​ This helps to identify the process map and blueprint of the process along with the alternate paths, frequency and time taken per step. The process maps are validated with SME’s in significantly less time and application control metadata captured from agent interaction with the application helps build the automations faster.​ This also provides insights on which process is to be considered for unattended automation (RPA) and where attended automation (Engage) provides better ROI.​

Benefits Accrued

  • Rapid process discovery and identification of automation opportunities at large scale

  • Significant reduction in process discovery time

  • Reduction in failures in automations since process variants are automated too

  • Automation Blueprint – an automation priority matrix

  • Granular visibility into processes with Interactive maps

  • Process insights to streamline processes and improve workforce productivity

Success Stories

Benefits achieved by a Global Financial product company

  • The potential for $189k savings annually

  • Identified around 20% of process paths where user trainings can help in improving the efficiency

  • Root causes caused due to IT issues in the core application were identified and picked up for fixes

  • 90% reduction in average handling time across all processes to 10min



Discover New Possibilities with AssistEdge Discover


Why process discovery should be the first step in your automation journey


Maximizing Automation ROI with Process Discovery

Reduce dependency on human resources with RPA for Testing

Reduce dependency on human resources at Aon with RPA for Testing

In the age of digital transformation, large companies like AXA look at automation as the first and key lever to optimize every area of application maintenance & support operations including testing and validation, using varies tools for performing test automation.

Traditional test automation has some limitations on various fronts like different tools support automating a particular type of application testing like Selenium for web applications and UFT for web and desktop applications. Whereas the RPA approach is platform independent and can be used to automate web, desktop, mainframe based applications and those running on virtual machines like Citrix.

The traditional test automation approach is also costly in the long run and requires high technical expertise to write the test scripts and has limited configurability which is not all encompassing.

The need is to have a comprehensive automated testing capability to handle:

  • Life Cycle Test Automation – Business Flow Automation involving multiple technologies and platforms

  • Test Data Management – Test data generation involving multiple applications, time intervals, realtime and transactional

  • Citrix / Legacy Automation – surface automation image recognition and OCR

  • Unstructured Data Processing – Bank statements, letters, cheques and inbound and outbound correspondences

  • Non-Core Automation – Reconciliations, Job Monitoring, Metrics Reporting and Data Migrations

  • User Acceptance Testing – Business centric test automation

Enabled by AssistEdge RPA

RPA brings the focus back to the Business Process by simplifying the Test Automation process. By unifying ease of development with advanced features such as AI & Cognitive Analysis, AssistEdge RPA bots are able to achieve levels of test automation never seen before. It enables

  • Model based test approach for increased test coverage

  • Ease of understanding by all stakeholders including business users

  • Faster development with reusable BOTs

  • Reduced re-work due to object property changes

  • Ease of handling change requests maintaining stability of the flowchart

  • Parallel execution in both Attended & Un-Attended modes with real time reporting

  • Efficient error handling with retry and recovery options

  • Integrates with DevOps pipeline to trigger test automation

Using AssistEdge RPA to augment test automation not only reduces dependency on human resources, it brings flexibility in test scheduling, monitoring & control, eases debugging failures and makes testing scalable.

Benefits Accrued

  • 100% test coverage

  • >20% reduction in scripting efforts

  • >50% reduction in maintenance efforts

  • 100% automation coverage

  • Unattended test execution

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