About the webinar

While many enterprises have embarked on an automation journey, very few have unlocked its real value. One of the key reasons is that the automation programs are run with a narrow focus on RPA execution. Enterprises need to take a holistic approach to automation beginning with process discovery and identification of automation opportunities, to managing and governing digital workers.

This webinar provides an approach on how enterprises can look at automation in the broader view and unlock the real value of automation. 

Key take aways from this webinar:

  • Defining an effective intelligent automation strategy early in the process to set a foundation for success

  • Finding the right processes that would benefit from automation in the long run

  • Integrating automation solutions in the workplace to avoid the occurrence of siloed systems, inefficiencies, compliance risks and other problems

  • Progressing from a deterministic stage of automation to a cognitive level with RPA-AI Integration

Watch the Webinar Recording

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Sateesh Seetharamiah-thumb

Sateesh Seetharamiah   Sateesh Seetharamiah

Vice President and Global Product Head, EdgeVerve

Sarah Burnett-thumb

Sarah Burnett   Sarah Burnett

Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Everest Group

Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, is a well-known industry analyst and market influencer. At Everest Group, she leads the firm’s Service Optimization Technologies (SOT) research program globally. As part of this role, she researches and advises clients on automation technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and global service providers’ capabilities in the field. Based in London, she also serves European clients across Everest Group’s Europe-focused global services research areas.