Event overview

The value of big data in the financial services industry is set to reach over £6 billion within the next few years. However, banks are currently lagging behind organizations such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. This roundtable will examine how digital impacts the processing of large volumes of data and facilitates predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Timetric’s flagship banking publication Retail Banker International has joined forces with Infosys to host an invitation-only business roundtable, followed by drinks and canapés between 17:15 to 18:00. Post the event, a write-up of the day’s discussions will be circulated as a PDF supplement to all the attendees.

Why attend?

Join the roundtable to get an opportunity to network and share best practice with peers and global subject matter experts, gain first-hand insights on top-of-mind priorities and business strategies and share thoughts, raise relevant questions and collectively examine possible solutions.

Discussions at the event will focus on areas like:

  • How banks can optimize the use of customer data while tackling customer concerns over privacy issues
  • Issues that have prevented banks from exploiting big data such as organizational silos, dearth of analytics talent, high cost of data management and lack of strategic focus
  • How banks can meet the technical challenges arising from ageing and complex legacy issues
  • Concerns related to a new trend where some banks have started mining social media data to help determine the creditworthiness of borrowers
  • The scope for banks to partner with retailers to offer personalized discounts based on an individual’s spending pattern
  • How banks can reduce business risk by leveraging predictive analysis for detecting fraud
  • The new skillset that banks need to adopt to benefit from big data analytics
  • How banks can secure customer data from fraud through predictive behavioral and device analytics
  • Omni-channel banking, concierge services and neo-banking

Who should attend?

This roundtable will be invaluable for CEOs, COOs, heads of retail banking, marketing directors and heads of digital transformation who will benefit from discussing their views and challenges with peers in an open constructive dialogue.