Key Features

By Leveraging Infosys Nia™ the purposeful AI and automation platform, Nia LLM application generates accurate predictions and suggestions to help automate the decision making and alleviate bottle necks in your business processes. The Nia platform helps you move from descriptive (reactive) to predictive to real time prescriptive analytics and automation. The following are the features of the Nia LLM application.

Better business outcomes through accurate predictions
  • Data Management, Machine learning, Deep Learning, NLP to readily ingest, transform data, build models, predict outcomes, automate processes.

  • Preventive insights in the form of risk predictions, ML-based queue prioritizations help agents focus on accounts with higher likelihood of recovery

  • Personalized repayment plans for delinquent customers to ensure better recoverability

Effective Dunning Strategies to elicit best responses
  • Analyze data over a period of time and across channels, dynamically look up statutory and regional regulations, and suggest the appropriate channel and time for contact

  • Understand personality traits, negotiate, and connect well with borrowers to strike a better deal based on analysis of emails, texts, public posts, blogs, tweets, and comments

Intuitive Experience & Easy adoption
  • Visualize key insights with the help of configurable dashboards while seamlessly automating decisions into real-time actions.

  • An over the top solution which Integrate with your existing collections and servicing systems to retrieve data and to also trigger actions through Open APIs

Key benefits

Nia LLM helps you achieve business outcomes through proactive interventions in your business processes. It seamlessly introduces high levels of personalization on a case-to-case basis to help you meet key business metrics and goals.

  • Lower delinquency rates

    • Proactive outreach plans made possible by accurate AI led early delinquency prediction based on patterns detected from extensive customer data sets.

  • Improve Operational Efficiencies

    • Improve process efficiencies, productivity and compliance based on intelligent prioritization of accounts, personalized recommendations for time, channel and tone of communication with the borrowers to elicit most desired outcomes.

  • Reduce Charge Offs

    • Boost recovery rates, lower write-offs & reduce non-performing loans using ML based personalized dunning & resolution strategies.

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