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Nia Provenance

Nia Provenance is an asset & industry agnostic, blockchain based application that lets businesses establish traceability of the product, transparency of the processes and trust-worthiness of the information across the lifecycle of assets (or) products.

Nia Provenance is an uncompromising vision of enabling information symmetry and total accountability across a decentralized yet immersive network of stakeholders across the supply chain.



Nia Provenance’s features spread across various asset & service transactions ensures traceability and transperancy information is captured and made available to all stakeholders on the network. Nia Provenance leverages blockchain technology to decentralize and enhance trust in data across the product supply chain.

  • Traceability
    Functionalities to capture asset transactions to establish proof of origin (ingredients as well as location), proof of custody (ownership) and proof of event (time trail).

  • Transparency
    Nia Provenance renders completes processes transparency with functionalities to capture background and handling information of assets being traded- including provisions to capture certifications, inspections, quality checks, audits…

  • Trust-worthiness of information
    Nia Provenance uses Blockchain technology to provide equality based agreements for information capture & ownership and data immutability. This provides undeniable and tamper-proof authentication required by stakeholders.

  • DLT Agnosticism
    While Nia Provenance is built on top of EV Blockchain framework -which is an abstratction of the proven Bitcoin DLT (Distributed Ledger technology), the application has been architected to be interoperable with frameworks like IBMs HyperLedger, Ethereum and other popular DLT’s.

  • API Ready
    Our application can be seamlessly integrated with existing IT infrastructure through easily consumable set of APIs across multitudes of legacy system of businesses involved in the supply chain.



Nia Provenance

Nia Provenance is an asset & industry agnostic, blockchain based application that lets businesses establish traceability of the product,...


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