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Modern day banking: first thing in the morning, last thing at night

November 26, 2012 - Kislay_singh


Groggily, Jovy reaches for his Blackberry as the blinking trackball catches his eye. The screen reads “3 New Messages”. It’s already eight in the morning and he has to rush. He runs through the messages. The first is from his fiancée. The other two are from his bank; one regarding his salary credit, the other about a monthly debit towards a recurring deposit.
Jovy’s eyes are glued to the screen when the cellphone rings. The voice on the other side introduces herself as a Direct Selling Agent. Jovy was a sales executive himself, once. He understands the pressures and dilemmas of the job. He decides to give the salesperson a patient hearing; in any case, he has been planning to visit the nearby branch to enquire about a home loan. No need for that now, the lady competently answers his questions. She also tells him about a facility that the bank launched a while ago, namely, cash delivery. With thoughts of his ailing father playing at the back of his mind, Jovy  logs on to his net banking portal, and within minutes, opens a savings bank account for his sister and applies for a home loan for himself. On his way to a nearby restaurant, he stops at an ATM. He also remembers to register his new mobile number with the bank at the ATM itself, saving yet another trip to the branch.
Jovy guides his fiancée to a silent corner of the restaurant where an attractive dinner spread awaits. He’d booked it using the credit card linked to his fixed deposit account, the one he’d recently opened on the Internet.
Back home, there’s an envelope in his mailbox. It contains his bank statements. He had requested them only this afternoon and already they were here. Jovy sprawls comfortably on the couch and ponders over the events of the day, peppered with so many satisfactory banking experiences. What’s more, he had barely exerted himself. With happy thoughts of the advantages of branchless banking, he falls into a deep dreamless sleep.

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