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Frictionless Customer Experience

April 26, 2018 - Sandeep Joseph Mathew Senior Consultant


Anything that makes the customer think causes friction. Example: it is difficult for customers to remember their login credentials. With the advent of biometric authentication experience of using applications has become frictionless.
Similarly, complex systems are difficult to understand without proper training, instructions, and FAQs. This also causes friction. UIs should be simple, intuitive and engaging so that the customer is delighted to use the application. Anything which is complex will not have many followers.
In this digital era, availability of many digital technologies has made life of all stakeholders easy. Following are some examples:

  • A business application developer can make use of cloud services to create apps with faster time to market without bothering about the underlying infrastructure. Based on the usage of applications by users across geographies the servers can be dynamically added without crashing the site, thus avoiding friction in end user experience.

  • A machine with IoT sensors can sense any complaint with the machine and transmit the information via network to a data exchange which processes the information and sends back response. An alert is sent to the end user suggesting actionable insights. This prevents sudden breakdown.

  • Blockchain network can help bring all stakeholders together for better collaboration and communication thereby bringing transparency. 

  • Analytics solutions are helping customers make better decisions by providing information that is personalized and contextual. This makes the customer feel empowered.

  • Automation makes users more productive by moving repetitive routine tasks to systems and shifting their focus to more meaningful work. Reduction in turnaround times of service requests also makes the customer happy.

  • Voice as an alternative to typing is more user-friendly and frictionless.

The new age technologies help anticipate needs, solve problems and improve efficiency. But security and compliance aspects must not be compromised at any stage so as to ensure seamless experience and customer satisfaction.

Sandeep Joseph Mathew

Senior Consultant

Sandeep Joseph Mathew is a product owner in Finacle Loans ART at EdgeVerve Systems Ltd. His areas of interest include product management and credit monitoring. He is a Chartered Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. He holds Post Graduate Diploma in Management from LIBA, Chennai and BTECH from CUSAT, Kochi.

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  • Good Blog

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  • Well versed, simple and to the point. Very well written.

  • This is very much true across all the industries in this digital era#8230; Great insight..

  • Agreed. Its simple, we can aim at reducing the cognitive load, this in itself reduces the friction in the process.

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  • Well said, New technologies can really help in increasing the customer experience.

  • Very well articulated. Rightly pointed out that security and compliance should not be compromised. As security controls are perceived to create friction, trick is to achieve a right balance between seamless customer experience and strong security controls across all customer touch points.

  • Chatbots is one good example of frictionless interaction. Interactive AI is the next level of technology which is going to occupy the digital world. Although it is in evolutionary stage, current digital invention n transformation is towards it.

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