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Why is Process Discovery an essential step in an enterprise’s automation journey?

August 16, 2022 - Team EdgeVerve


There has been an astronomical increase in the focus on Intelligent Automation following the trend of digitally transforming businesses in the wake of the global pandemic. Hence, enterprises have ramped up their investments in RPA and Smart Automation. RPA, also known as Robotic Process Automation, is the first step taken towards achieving some form of process automation covering recurring, rule-based workflows. But, in order for businesses to correctly identify suitable process candidates for automation and scale it through the length and breadth of the company, they need Process Discovery solutions.

Process Discovery steps up to automate the identification of critical processes that can benefit from the touch of Intelligent Automation.

What is Process Discovery?

A successful automation journey begins with Process Discovery. Identifying the right processes is fundamental to ensuring a smooth transition of business processes and enabling end-to-end automation. Process Discovery, powered by advanced AI capabilities, non-intrusively captures human-machine interactions, and execution of each task and creates a practical blueprint with recommendations, thus adding the right processes to the automation funnel.

How does Process Discovery work?

Process Discovery solutions like AssistEdge Discover create empirical data-based business process maps to help enterprises navigate their automation journey from value creation to realization. AI-based Process Discovery tools provide a step-by-step transformation of existing workflows, from capturing data automatically and analyzing empirical data to generation actionable insights.

How does Process Discovery support an enterprise’s automation journey?

Process Discovery unlocks hidden opportunities trapped inside your existing business processes. Such empirical data culminates into a solid foundation for enterprises striving to scale automation transition all through. Furthermore, Process Discovery is directly responsible for driving Intelligent Automation, also known as Connected Automation.

Process Discovery shows you what can be automated almost immediately and what can be used for the pilot to show how other processes can be refined with automation. Here, the learning process happens in two steps: Task Mining and Process Mining.


Process Discovery does the basic groundwork of evaluating how each process functions, based on which opportunities for automation are identified to initiate the journey by deploying RPA bots for basic recurring, rule-based tasks. Following the success of RPA, the following critical candidates are selected to further the automation journey.

To scale automation enterprise-wide, businesses should start by discovering process candidates and evaluate each success to automate those next in line. It is a gradual journey, but with the help of advanced technologies, the effort and time needed to identify each process architecture are aptly negated. Hence, seamless end-to-end automation transition becomes achievable at no cost, no error.

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