AssistEdge RPA 17.6

The best in Intelligent Automation just got better

EdgeVerve is excited to announce AssistEdge RPA 17.6. This latest AssistEdge version brings intuitive, smart and simple methods of automation configuration, built-in integration with leading cognitive capability providers and a host of other Enterprise grade features enhancing the automation journey.


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Cognitive Automation powers predictive capabilities

AssistEdge RPA 17.6 enables enterprises to adopt cognitive automation through seamless integration with Infosys Nia, Google and Microsoft’s cognitive APIs. AssistEdge cognitive adapters enable langu


Multi-modal configuration brings ease in automation design

The multi-modal configuration capability enables users to configure processes by switching configuration modes within the application. This capability brings an overall ease of automation design and reduces customization efforts by a 35-40% reduction in the time spent on configuring applications.


Dynamic PDF automation improves automation quality and accuracy

The dynamic PDF extraction capability allows bots to automate actions on complex PDF documents. Advanced PDF controls and OCR capabilities can now extract information from PDF documents faster and with a 15-20% improvement in data quality and accuracy compared to other RPA tools.

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Handling automation exception scenarios

AssistEdge handles exception scenarios in automations through multiple approaches such as defining alternate business flows for anticipated exceptions, re-run automations with exceptions or ignoring non-critical business exceptions.

Handling automation exception scenarios significantly improves automation service levels, reduces handle time and reduces fallouts or timeouts.


Improved and Intelligent Automation

The latest version of the product also brings in some key enhancements and improvements such as intuitive and simplified UX, intelli-sense while designing automations, automating advance loops, process change management, enhanced audit trail, access and credential management, bot CPU and memory utilization and upgraded control tower bot management features to name some.

Key product improvements from previous product version


Important core automation enhancements available in this release:

  • Enables multiple instances of Automation Studio without admin access.
  • Enables support for configuration of PDF content extraction on high resolution machines (4K resolution – 3840 x 2160 pixels).
  • Allows multiple sessions in SAP and Mainframe automation (Attachmate Reflection emulator for IBM).
  • Added support for running Control Tower on 32-bit machines.
  • Added ability to handle “Basic Authentication” popup on Internet Explorer.


Other enterprise supporting capabilities available in this release:

  • Certified support for SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016.
  • Simplified installation and lower runtime footprint with consolidation of runtimes.
  • Added support for product installation on systems enforcing FIPS compliance.
  • Added support for AWS load balancer by allowing ability to source client IP from XFF headers for user validation.

AssistEdge powers the digital transformation of your enterprise and elevates your automation experience!