A3 stands for Automation, AI and Applications, and it is a strategy that would help guide enterprises navigate the automation continuum by steering them from deterministic automation to a more predictive state and subsequently making cognitive decisions with a full-grown AI engine.

What keeps us a step ahead of others in our journey towards providing AI enabled business solutions is our capability to leverage our own AI platform Infosys Nia™. Infosys Nia is an AI platform that applies advanced AI and ML to enable businesses to transition to the future by driving digital transformation.

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Our flagship, award winning automation product, AssistEdge and Business Applications, a set of plug & play solutions are both powered by Infosys Nia. AssistEdge has been helping global clients discover and automate their redundant processes for many years using predictive insights. AssistEdge bots run non-intrusively in existing IT environments and deliver assisted or end-to-end automation.

Business Applications are a set of AI based, plug & play solutions that sit on top of existing systems of record and impart direct, meaningful and measurable business value.

Built on Infosys Nia, they are across

Stand-alone, they are effective, but together they steer the digital transformational journey of enterprises. Join us in this transformational journey and accelerate your business growth with the powerful amalgamation of Automation, AI and Applications.

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